Podcast: Episode Three, Monday May 12

We’re back! After a bit of a weekend hiatus, the JaysBalk has returned for Monday night’s finale with the Angels. We also got together for the weekly 7th Inning Stretch podcast.

In Episode Three, we discuss when it’s time to pull the plug on Juan Francisco; which part of the diamond Brett Lawrie should call home; ask if the trade for R.A. Dickey was a huge mistake; and much more!

So jump on in, and stretch your mind about everything Blue Jays over the last seven days.

We’ll also be providing regular coverage again of every game this week.

And as always, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @jaysbalk.

(Note: the ability to skip to specific points on the audio timeline is being a little finicky right now. If you want to have that power, best to click on the Podcast tab at the top of the site and open the desired episode.)


3 comments on “Podcast: Episode Three, Monday May 12

  1. […] inclination to not be able to hit baseball’s that are thrown out of a left hand, as we discussed on the podcast. Small sample size warning for the upcoming stats, but if you think Francisco’s career […]

  2. […] Asher wrote last night about this, and we discussed it on the podcast. (Note: at time of Asher’s writing, the play Lawrie booted had been scored a base hit. It was […]

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