7th Inning Stretch Podcast #22 – Minimum Wage

Aaron Sanchez is in the Spring Training headlines again, this time over the low price of his new contract. Matt and Asher discuss the long- and short-term repercussions of the deal. Will Sanchez be tabbed to start Opening Day? If not him, then who? Left field still looks like kind of a mess, and the […]

The 7th Inning Stretch Podcast #7: May Musings – 05/03/16

As the Blue Jays continue to drag their feet into May, Asher & Matt discuss all aspects of the struggling team, from offence to bullpen. Matt plays doctor to prescribe the long-term outlook for five key Blue Jays, and Name That Jay takes the customary stroll down memory lane.

Snoop a LOUP! THERE IT IS! Blue Jays beat Tigers 8-2

Give the win, save, All-Star game start and Cy Young to Aaron Loup for tonight’s performance.

Recap: Hope fades despite Blue Jays win over Cleveland

The thing about high ceilings is that the fall from the top is farther, and it’s harder. By now, you all know the story of the hope and promise of the 2013 Blue Jays and the resulting disaster. Well, the failure to meet expectations lowered the ceiling for the 2014 Blue Jays, even though it […]

Preview: Blue Jays (12-14) send Hutchison to usurp the throne from Royals (13-12)

If the Blue Jays want to avoid another disaster like last night’s bullpen meltdown version 2-point-oh-dear-God-I’ve-lost-count-already, they’ll probably need Drew Hutchison to go all 9 innings tonight.

Recap: Orioles 11 @ Blue Jays 4 – or Deja Vu All Over Again

Come for the beer and the ballgame, stay for the bullpen blow-up. That pretty much sums of the mid-to-late-April, 2014 Toronto Blue Jays. And the most frustrating part is that just about every arm in the bullpen has caused or been apart of a meltdown in the past week, so it’s not as though any […]

Blue Jays (11-9) vs. Orioles (9-10): The McGowan/Tillman rematch

Usually when a pitcher throws 8 innings of 3 hit baseball, his team wins the game. That wasn’t the case for Chris Tillman and the Baltimore Orioles back on April 11th when they took on Dustin McGowan, who made his best start of the season going 6.1 scoreless innings. The Blue Jays scored 2 unearned runs on […]

TWIJ (This Week in JaysBalk)

The difference between a 6-3 road trip and a 5-4 road trip: un Loup sans garou. Not the end of the world, but frustrating nonetheless.These are winnable games against pitchers who, let’s just say, are not 1997 Roger Clemens. Against teams who, let’s just say, don’t have a Mariano Rivera or a PED-lenient era Eric […]

Recap: Jays lose 6-4 to Cleveland as bullpen struggles again

The pitching: All things considered, it was a pretty encouraging start for Brandon Morrow. He only managed to go 5 innings, but that was more because of the Indians fouling off a ton of pitches and going deep in to at bats than it was any control issues for Morrow. He only allowed 3 hits, and […]

Recap: Blue Jays Shutout Indians

Mark Buehrle threw seven shutout frames, and the Toronto Blue Jays (10-8) beat the Cleveland Indians 5-0 for their fourth shutout of the season.